cusheShoe shopping’s been agony ever since Mother sat me down in the Cranford Shoe Hospital for fittings for “proper support shoes” when I was a little girl preferring to be cool in New Jersey.

Never happened in those lace-ups she required. Even now, all these years later on my own, fitting my 91/2 AAAA bony foot with the sagging arch is not fun.

Shoes on sale are always medium width and I slide right out.  My arch-part hurts most steps I take and add-in support devices rarely fit right.

Until last month, that is, when I discovered Cushe Footwear.


A lightweight brown-ish I-guess-it’s-canvas shoe fit me. Perfectly.

Years of wishing cool-looking shoes worked for me made me doubt this soft long narrow shoe called the MJ Slipper.

So I tested it.  7,000 miles later, starting Feb. 4 in Manhattan at the Family Travel Conference of print journalists and on-line bloggers, I declare Cushe Footwear my new best friend.

Wore ‘em home to Georgia. Walked around the yard and the block a few times. Wore them the next week flying to Phoenix for a week of exploration with a young grandson in Chandler, Tempe, Mesa and Apache Junction, and that includes desert and cactus time.

Easy on and off these shoes obliging airport security checks. So I kept them on to go to Columbia, Missouri for the True/False Film Festival which meant lots of walking between theaters.

Sometimes socks, sometime bare feet and that worked too. Shame on me I didn’t already know about Cushe; I feel like their poster child today.

Zero degree pitch I’ve read about in Runners magazine and better-posture articles; these shoes have it.

Hot sweaty feet I know about since I live in South Georgia, and spend a lot of summertime outside.  These shoes have antimicrobial fibers inside.

Not sure if this is a testimonial or a review, but perhaps those lines blur. For sure, I’m enthusiastic.

Photo: True/False Film Festival logo on a pair of MJ Slippers by Cushe Footwear spurs a wearer’s response of “Comfort is True.”