vapurYou need water when you travel – but you don’t need to lug around a big bulky water bottle. Not if you have Vapur, the anti bottle.

I bought this thing in a toy store and CT (actually, I bought three – one for me, one for each of my kids. Sorry husband, that’s all they had!), and I cannot tell you how great it is! BPA Free, re-usable, freezable, dishwasher-able. It’s even made in the USA! But so far, it doesn’t sound so special, right?


The Vapur is foldable. Yup. You read that right. You fill it up, then, when it’s empty, instead of having to lug around some clanking metal thing all day, you simply roll it up and stick it in your bag. I am loving this thing! (although one negative: despite this photo, I couldn’t get my bottle to stand up. Not that it matters…I mean, think of Barbie!)

The company even says that the fact that it’s foldable means it uses less energy to transport.

Where I bought mine, they only had one, fairly simple design. But there are lots and lots of colors and designs, including special editions, branded ones, and even a Museum of Modern Art version. Now that should tell you something about how unique it is right there!

So to summarize: eco-friendly, re-usable, washable, freezable, foldable. Unbelievable.

I received no compensation, samples, or any other consideration for writing this review.