MiniclassixMost of the time, traveling with an infant or toddler means getting them to wear clothes that can both be charming yet expendable. With all the chances of spitups, accidents and what not, is it really advisable for baby to wear nice clothes and travel? I for one maintain the answer is yes, especially for special occasions.
It also depends on what kind of luxury clothes you buy (and by “luxury,” I’m taking of any clothes above the $30 price tag). Miniclasix, a brand devoted to luxury baby clothes, offers some beautiful and affordable options. Simply constructed but made out of excellent material and in elegant designs, Miniclasix offers parents an array of options for their traveling babies: from rompers, jumpers to footies.

Miniclassix2These are 100 percent cotton pieces, but some have lovely velour like plush textures (such as the one below). Every outfit is a luxury parent’s dream: it arrives beautifully packaged in hat boxes with ribbons and is matchy matchy, so there’s no worry about color coordination. The wear and tear on these pieces is also excellent: I was able to put Erika’s cozy velour top with matching cotton leggings in the wash several times, and despite the delicate flower appliques, the outfit remain excellent for the wear.

Also, it travels very well because the outfit makes spills and stains easy to clean. When baby Erika spat up a little, all it took were a few swipes of the wipes to remove all traces of food on the outfit. It was also very comfortable for baby to travel around in, without any constriction (nothing pinching her neck, wrist or ankles).

Some of the designs are so beautiful that you can’t stop shopping for baby. Take a look at this fuzzy faux-fur bolero with ruffled trim dress, perfect for an infant.


Miiclassix3If you want a brand that you won’t paying a little more for (most of the outfits run in the $59 range), this is an excellent bet. Plus, the brand is sometimes on sale at GILT Group as well as Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue. Plus, they’re so cute that no one will be able to take his or her eyes off your kid. There are options for both boys and girls.