TrunkiBefore you head to Grandma’s house for the Holidays, consider an early Christmas present for your toddler that will make traveling more fun. The Melissa & Doug Trunki allows children to scoot along on their luggage through the airport or train station, eliminating the need for a stroller. It’s lightweight, sturdy and carry-on sized so your little guy or girl can pack it full of coloring books, toys, snacks and their favorite stuffed animal and bring it on the plane with them.

As soon as our daughter hears we’re going somewhere, she pulls out her Trunki and starts packing. I like that she thinks it’s fun to pack, and how proud she is of having her very own suitcase. She loves all the attention she gets wheeling through the airport. There are always lots of smiles to greet her, and she waves to people as we pull her along using the handy tow strap. And we can feel secure that she is safe with the integrated wheels and stabilizers to prevent toppling over. Because the wheels aren’t on casters however, turning isn’t easy, making it difficult to navigate through areas that aren’t as wide as airport terminals.

rideon-e1291249622627The Trunki holds up to 100 lbs, which means many years of riding fun. But even after your child has outgrown riding their Trunki, the tow strap can become an over-the-shoulder strap for them to carry it themselves. Or they can use the built-in carry handles.

IMG 1180There are six different colors of Trunkis to choose from and with the Trunki Fun Face, Alphabet and Destination sticker accessories, your child can use their imagination to dress-up their Trunki however they want. Other accessories include a saddlebag for more comfortable seating and extra storage and matching tote bags.

One last thing about Melissa & Doug, as many know they make quality toys that kids love, but as I recently discovered,they also have excellent customer service. Attached to the tow strap is two keys to lock the catches on both sides of the Trunki, but if you forget to lock them, be aware they can easily slide off during normal use. That’s exactly what happened on a recent trip my husband and daughter took together. I knew I had to replace the missing catch before the Holidays or my daughter would be so disappointed to not to be able to use her Trunki on the several upcoming trips. I called the Customer Service number on the Melissa & Doug website, and to my surprise a real person answered within three rings. I told the friendly representative what happened, she asked for my information and then told me a new catch would be in the mail the next day, no charge! The entire call took less than five minutes. The new catch will be here just in time for our trip to Disneyland for Thanksgiving.

The Trunki is available for $39.99 from the Melissa & Doug website. Accessories range from $1.99 to $14.99.