Matchbox_Sky_Busters_Mission_HeadquartersEver notice how kids love watching planes? There’s something about the hustle and bustle of an airport that can entrance even the most rambunctious kid. At John F. Kennedy airport in NYC my sons have spent many hours with their noses pressed up to the terminal’s window, marveling at the aeronautical action.

So I was excited to review the new Matchbox ® Sky Busters ® Mission Headquarters in anticipation of our upcoming family vacation in Turkey.

Here are the travel-friendly features of this play set:

  • Unlike other toys that are all bells and whistles, this set is pretty simple. The terminal, control tower, helicopter landing pad, airplane tug and jet have just enough detail to engage imaginative minds.
  • There is nothing to wind up or run on batteries — which means no whirring, buzzing or beeping to drive you or your fellow passengers batty.
  • The aircraft snap in and the control tower and two retractable runways fold away for easy storage.
  • It comes with a handle and is light-weight so even a three-year-old can easily tote it around.
  • While it’s not quite small enough to fit into a child’s backpack, you could easily tuck it into a tote bag.
  • The set comes with one jet but you can purchase five additional snap-in planes.

The only down-side: When the play set is fully extended it takes up a bit of space, so, unless you have the luxury of traveling in first-class, it’s not the best choice for cramped seats on economy flights.

Bottom line? This play set is a good choice if you’re loMatchbox_Sky_Busters_Airplaneoking for some fun-on-the-go in the car, waiting room, or airport departure lounge.

Now if I can just keep it hidden from my kids until we head out for our family vacation to the beach in June!

Disclosure: Matchbox provided me with this product for the purposes of this review. The opinions expressed are my own.

Justine Ickes writes about culture, parenting and people making a difference.