Little Passports

She looks forward to her Little Passports delivery each month.
Photo credit: Shannon Entin / Homeschool TMOM

When I recently started talking to my 10-year-old daughter about planning a trip to Iceland, the first thing she did was run to her Little Passports “suitcase” and dig out the photo and story from Iceland. It was then that I knew I’d renew our Little Passports subscription again and again.

Available in a USA Edition or a World Edition, Little Passports is a wonderful way to teach children about geography, art, culture, food, and more. Little Passports is a subscription-based program that introduces kids to new countries and states. Each month your child will get a delivery with a letter from characters Sam and Sofia, sharing their latest travel adventures. The pack will also include activity sheets, stickers, souvenirs, postcards, access to online games, photos, and facts, and more.

“Hey Mom,” my daughter yelled from her room as she read through Sam & Sofia’s letter, “when are we going to Iceland? Because if we go in the winter it might be dark for almost the whole day!”


Not only do kids learn from Little Passports, they are inspired by it. We’ve made recipes from around the world, learned to speak bits of foreign languages, and became interested in visiting places we might not have considered in the past.

We’ve just started our subscription to the USA Edition, but it’s already encouraged my daughter to write about our travels in her “Field Guide.” The first delivery covered Texas and New York – which was perfect for our upcoming trip to Niagara Falls! Right before our trip, I pulled out the New York travel journal and we eagerly went over some facts about the Falls. The USA Edition also includes 3D pop-up models of state icons for kids to build. All of this learning and inspiring makes it ideal for traveling, homeschooling moms like me!

Little Passports, World Edition

Some goodies in Little Passports World Edition.
Photo credit: Shannon Entin / Homeschool TMOM

But the best part is my daughter looks forward to the mailing every month and dives into learning about each country and state. She especially loves the souvenirs – everything from Egyptian statues to origami paper to exploding volcanoes! Each month’s kit also comes with a collectible “boarding pass” code kids can use to go online and access games, activities, facts, photos, and printable images – and since kids love to be online, the learning continues.

With the holidays quickly approaching, consider Little Passports for the young travelers on your list. It’s a gift the whole family can enjoy year-round!