SpinAir-856To assist us in our travels, my husband and I purchased a new luggage set from Air Canada just before our two daughters came along. The set proved to be useful during the few trips we took, however as I was packing for a family vacation to Turks & Caicos, my eldest (then 2 years-old) decided to sit on the edge of the suitcase breaking the entire frame! Needless to say, I knew it was then time to look for something a little more rugged.

This incident occured around the same the time that luggage prices went up and airlines started charging higher prices for checked baggage. This practice is more common among American carriers then it is here in Canada. Canadian airlines such as West Jet, Air Canada and Toronto-based Porter allow you to check the first bag free while additional bags cost a nominal fee. If you are single or traveling as a couple this isn’t really a problem as you can usually get by with a carry-on each, but with toddlers, a bare minimum of 2 checked bags is definitely required. 

While searching for a higher quality luggage set, I came across Heys, a brand established in suburbs of Toronto. Admired by celebrities and used during prestigious World events, Heys is a brand that is well-known across the country for their durable and lightweight luggage. You may recognize the infamous xcase model (pictured above) which has appeared in magazines such as ELLE, FLARE, LouLou and Jane magazines.

After doing a bit of research we decided that the SpinAir set would suit our family best and after 2 years I’m pleased to say that it has proved to be completely indispensible! Not only are the pieces lightweight, but the wheels offer 360″ manuevability and the piggy-back option is ideal! The 3 piece luggage set comes with three straps that ‘link’ the suitcases together, allowing you to pull them all along at the same time.

The ‘Spin Air’ set is one of Heys’ Hybrid options meaning it combines the benefits of both soft and hardside luggage. We have found this to be very benefitial, because the width can be increased slightly thanks to the zippered outer. If you prefer hardside luggage, Heys carries a wide range of options from designer prints to recycled eco-friendly solutions.