Photo credit: Kim Orlando / TravelingMom

My husband loves pasta and I love cornbread. He likes pools and I like the beach.  He loves his PC and I love my MAC.

So a few months ago when my husband took over the bookkeeping for TravelingMom.com, he wanted a dedicated computer for that job and he immediately started looking for a PC.  I really want him to do my books so our compromise was to buy a PC that had full functionality but at a really great price. I thought I might be able to convince him to ditch the PC for a MAC at some point.

We bought a Lenovo at the suggestion of our local computer store and an online inquiry.  The price was right ($700) and it came loaded with all the software we needed for the business.


Becoming a Lenovo Mom

Serendipitously, I am now a Lenovo Mom (no relation to my husband’s earlier purchase). That means I am one of about a dozen online moms who will have the chance to check out and write about Lenovo products.

First up: The Yoga 2 Pro tablet. The name certainly appeals to me.

My family of five, including our three teens, is all about technology and portability, even when we aren’t traveling. So I will be looking at battery life, memory, learning curve (I want a SHORT one) and weight (I want a light one).  So far, the Yoga 2 Pro is making the grade. It’s lightweight, portable, and comes with a built-in stand for easy viewing.