ABP-Marketing-GraphicsDo you take road trips? Do your kids fight in the car?  Do you wish you had a panel that you could insert to separate the front seat from the back – you know, like Bruce Wayne?  But this is a family vacation: you’re supposed to do things together.  Other than fighting. Can you all agree on listening to one audio book — at the very least?

Truthfully, that’s something very difficult to do. I know that I don’t want to read a Pokemon or Pinkalicious book. And my kids (and husband) don’t want to read stuff like In The Garden of Beasts or Fifty Shades of Grey (wink).

zeldaincarBut I do love the classics and if I can force the first part on my kids, I know they would melt into them and love them the way I do. Yes, it’s a hard sell.  It’s a bit of holding them down and making them do it.  My six year old daughter was very resistant to letting me read aloud A Little Princess, by Frances Hodgson Burnett, but after the first chapter, she was hooked.  It’s about persistence. They are trapped in the car for hours, after all.

We’ve been listening to an audiobook app, Audiobooks For Your Kids, that I’ve created with some friends that costs 99 cents in the app store and has dozens of well-narrated, free classic audiobooks like The Jungle Book, Anne of Green Gables and Aesop’s Fables. Our app is different from other audiobook apps by curating the books around a theme and also making sure that the narrators are good.  No matter how great a book is, if the person reading it is dreadful, it’s useless.  


Nisaacincarormally, I let my kids read whatever they want.  As long as they are reading, it’s fine with me.  Even Berenstein Bears. (I’m not a fan — why is Mother always wearing a housecoat?  And why does Father call her Mother? I could go on.)  But in the car, I don’t want us all to be isolated from each other with headphones.  And the unifying experience of listening to classic literature gives us a common touchstone. I want my kids to be educated people and while Diary of a Whimpy Kid is a fine book, I don’t want stuff like Treasure Island and The Secret Garden to be excluded.

To find out more about Audiobook Pop! click here.  We also have a Sci-Fi app and a Jane Austen Audiobook Anthology!  All apps are $0.99 and once you buy the app, the audiobook downloads are free.  Global Fairy Tales, a Bronte Anthology and the Android version of all the apps are coming soon!

For more information about the app, you can click here. We’re even taking suggestions for future app themes.  You can contact via the website or on Twitter.

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