Kodak-PlayTouchI won a Kodak PlayTouch off of a TravelingMom.com Twitter Party.  I’m not sure how, but showing up was a big part of it.  They give away great swag. When I first used it — before I won it — at the TravelingMom.com conference at Disney World in Orlando, I didn’t really understand why it was so great. Now I know why:

Initially, I didn’t think I would own it and I was not interested in figuring it out. Now that I own it, it took me about five minutes total to figure it out.  It’s super easy to use.  I’ve been using my new camera, which is sort of like Kodak’s version of the Flip, on my recent travels.

When I was skiing in Schweitzer, I would just whip it out of my pocket on the slopes and the buttons were big enough that my frozen hands (after taking off my gloves to operate the camera), could maneuver.

There’s something about the touch of this camera (hence the name?) that I really like.  I like that it’s… vertical.  I know that’s hard to appreciate when reading online, but I would encourage people who are buying new cameras not only to do online research, but also to go into a store and touch the camera.  How does it feel?  Is the interface easy for you to use?  What about transferring your photos after you get back to your computer?  This is just as important as price and theorizing about important features.

One of the best things about the camera, that seemed trivial when I first saw it, is that it has a USB connection built in.  How many times have you had to search for the cable to your camera to download your photos?  That annoyance is gone with the Kodak Playtouch.  

I will say that I wish the LCD screen was bigger, but it’s not a deal-killer for me.  Still shots are just so-so, but hey, it’s a pure consumer camera.  This camera is for the video equivalent of snapshots — and the video part is great.