Photo_145For me, planes are the perfect place to knit.  When we traveled to South Africa last winter break, I lugged along three zip lock bags: one with the Knitty shawl I’ve been making for about, oh I don’t know, four bazillion years, one with the last sleeve for the sweater I started for my daughter at least 18 months ago, and one with some new yarn I absolutely HAD to have, along with three choices of scarf patterns to get it started.

We had sixteen hours on the plane to Johannesburg, and an 18 hour journey back.  And you know how much knitting I got done?
Zero. Zilch. Not one stitch.

The shawl, it turned out (about 12 inches in) had a serious flax about halfway down, and would most certainly unravel. (And if you know anything about knitting, and looked at the picture of the thing, you’ll see that it doesn’t lend itself to ripping. It’s a “get it right or else” kind of pattern.) The sweater had taken me so long to finish that it was no longer to fit my daughter.  And the scarf?  Oh who had the heart to knit a scarf when all the other projects had gone so wrong?

But all that was before I got a GoKnit pouch from KnowKnits. The GoKnit Pouch is the simplest, best thing for traveling knitters ever invented. It’s a nylon bag with a loop inside for your yarn to thread through, a draw string closure that lets you pull out your needles without taking out the ball of yarn itself,  and an exterior loop so you can attach the whole thing to you purse, ginormous carry on, whatever. (Full disclosure: I have met the owner of KnowKnits, Jennifer Lippman Bruno, and we were friendly for a while (before she added the Bruno!).  But I haven’t seen her in years.) It comes in a ton of colors…and even a faux fur material for that extra bit of oomph.

goknitsSo on this last trip to Florida, I stuck my new yarn that I just had to buy, (What?  It was on sale. Seriously. And my stash isn’t that big. Just kinda big. Oh whatever.)  into my GoKnit pouch, stuck it in my purse, and carried it on the 2 hour plane ride down – and I knit.  And I stuck it in my purse when we went to the movies and I knit there, too. (Yes, I can knit in the dark. I’ll sign autographs later.) And I knit on the way back.

It was super easy.  No tangles, no embarrassing bulky zip lock bags.

And by the time I got home, I had about two inches of a simple scarf?  Why only two inches? Because every time I would knit four or five inches of a scarf, I would take a look and decide I didn’t like the pattern, rip it out, and start all over.

Hey, it might be the best thing to happen to knitting on the go since the TSA started letting you bring knitting needles on the plane again, but even a great bag from KnowKnits can’t keep me from being a crazy-ole knitter!