caspar_babypantsSome mellow music you AND your children will love might help make road trips more relaxing for everyone in the car. Welcome to “Kindie Rock,” a different kind of music making its way up the charts when it comes to kids and their parents, too.

Recess Monkey, Casper Babypants, Laurie Berkner, Frances England and Gustafer Yellowgold are just a few of the bands with sound adults can appreciate but fun themes the little ones will love. Jack Foreman with Recess Monkey says their music is “inspired by the kids that we know and the things we remember about being young, so the themes are kids friendly but the music is for everybody.”

Many bands, such as Recess Monkey, are launching in children’s music while other names you may recognize are switching to the kids’ scene. Foreman points out, “There are some really huge names, people who made music for adults like ‘They Might Be Giants’ and Dan Zanes.” Chris Ballew with Casper Babypants is the lead singer of ‘Presidents of the United States of America’. Many adults still listen to that group and can still enjoy the sound he now creates for kids.

recess_monkeyThis music is really taking the girls and boys beyond “Barney” and the songs that, after being heard over and over, can really make you nuts, especially on a road trip. Kindie Rock is different. In fact, it’s connecting some parents and kids through its mellow tunes. “They’re also finding a real neat contact zone with their parents, something they can share with their parents in a real visceral way. It’s hard to say who is dancing more at our show—kids or adults,” says Foreman.

The Kindie Rock bands tour the country offering free concerts in many cities. They pride themselves on performing along with the children, letting them play with the instruments, too.

TravelingMom will be giving away CD’s from several different Kindie Rock musicians in upcoming Twitter parties which are held every Monday night. If you RSVP you’ll be entered to win.

If you live near Atlanta, Gustafer Yellowgold will be performing in Decatur at Eddie’s Attic on September 26th. The New York Times describes Gustafer as “Dr. Seuss meets Yellow Submarine.” I think that’s a pretty fair description, with an extra heaping of mellow.