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I doubt I am the only one who starts every  trip or vacation exhausted. If it isn’t a 6 AM flight which means getting up at 4 AM, then it’s always a matter of lying in bed all night wondering what I forgot. List or no list, it seems something is left out of the mix and it’s usually a toiletry. When traveling with kids, the chances of forgetting one of these essentials doubles or triples exponentially.

And worst of all is trying to organize and actually get to the much needed hand sanitizer, sunscreen, or tooth brush when en route. Why is it that the lotion, gel or cleaner is always in the bottom of the bag, wrong bag, or worse yet seems to explode at the most inopportune time? I thought I left home to get away from cleaning messes.

Not anymore with Kidkit. An ingenious idea, a lavish little luxury, and just good plain common sense in beautiful packaging.

KidKit was born from the idea of a discerning West Coast mom who brainstormed with her pediatrician/friend on ways to travel with children while enjoying premium organic travel products, accessories, basic first aid items, and pediatric necessities in an organized, virbant, and stylish fashion. Voila; Kidkit was born.


Kid Kits are prepacked airline and toiletry kits, high quality, cleanable, perfect sized, stylish, and oh-so-sensible. KidKit train cases and large zip pouches are made with coated cotton canvas exteriors, are water resistant and sponge washable throughout. The plane pouch is PVC and also sponge washable

kidkit 1I love how the bath products are all organic and parben free. The dental and first aid products are all name brands. Finally someone else has put in the time, effort, and scrutiny to organize and streamline a busy parents’ practical and organizational needs for their little ones, so we don’t have to.

Their easy-to-navigate website allows you to customize your order to fit your clan’s needs and best of all, it’s delivered right to your front door, hotel, or even grandma’s house. It can’t get any better than that. For example, The KidKit plane pouch is a TSA compliant, 3-1-1 clear zip pouch for essentials that parents can carry onboard an airplane. You simply shop for what you need online before you go, and now you have one less thing to check off your To-Do list before you go.

Making your next trip easy thanks to KidKit is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

The three basic ways to order your KidKit are:

1. Fully Loaded kit with their favorites pre-selected with one keystroke.

2. Customized, where you select each travel product you would like to include.

3. Just the case or pouch, which does not include any travel products.


I was furnished a few complimentary samples for my review. The views expressed here are entirely my own but ought to be yours too.

Carmel L. Mooney is the editor of Roadtripsforcouples.com, an online travel magazine. Carmel’s been on local talk radio for 17 years and now co-hosts THE GOOD LIFE with Mike the Wine Guy on KMYC 1410AM. Her family travel column can be read in California Kids Magazine at: Valcomnews.com You can follow her on Twitter: @CarmelLeeMooney or Facebook. Carmel is also the Executive Director of Pawsitive Service Dog Solutions, a non-profit that trains and places Autism Service Dogs.