packingshoesPacking for a trip involves engineering feats, particularly when you are taking a family vacation. You have to fit everyone’s stuff in a limited number of bags, and you also have to consider weight (of the luggage, not family members).

My bête noire is finding room for shoes. I like to take a variety on vacation, not just for each dinner outfit, but also for going to the pool, for exercising, for walking.

Each family trip we have to carefully consider footwear needs.  If we are going to a city with a lot of sightseeing, or a theme park, we need comfortable walking shoes. If we are going to cold weather, we need boots.

And though my rolling suitcase makes weight less a consideration, hoisting the bag overhead to fit in the luggage compartment, or carrying it up and down the stairs at the subway so I can save money with the AirTrain means weight matters.


My running shoes take up a lot of space and weight and I’ve even considered switching to Five Fingers so I can squeeze in an extra pair of heels.

You can run on the sand without sneakers, but if you want to hit the fitness center, you need workout shoes.

kusheAt the Family Travel Conference, we were treated to a pair of Cushe Slippers, which are lighter than air. The EVA sole is sturdy enough for a day-long sightseeing trip, but packable enough that you can carry them in a pocketbook if you want to swap them for something dressier midday.

Cushe slippers can also be worn without socks, which means less to pack. Or room for another pair of shoes.