htc-rhyme-with-headphonesCan a purple phone be enjoyed by a man?  Even when it sports a light-up charm to alert you to a call when the phone is lost in your purse?  I guess it would take a special kind of man.  As for the rest of us, we lucked out not only in terms of design, but also in the way we use it:  Meet the HTC Rhyme.

When you’re in the market to buy a new phone, getting to hold and use it for a while helps you make up your mind pretty fast.  HTC lent me a Rhyme for a coupla weeks.  I’m an HTC customer anyway — I have a G2 with TMobile.  I can honestly say that it’s my favorite phone that I’ve ever had.  

The only deficiency with the G2 has been the camera – it’s, well… not so great.  The HTC Rhyme makes up for that and more.  My favorite element in the camera is the panorama setting.  

It’s like having a wide-angle lens at your fingertips. And, it’s idiot-proof! The camera stitches together three photos for you — and it guides you to get there.  

The camera produces sharp photos with accurate color and a range of settings like action burst, HDR, vignette and more.

eliz.donaldI used this camera on the Inaugural Disney Fantasy Cruise and after a few tips from a professional photographer, I took some above-average (for me) photos.  It helps that the phone’s interface is logical and easy-to-use.  The screen makes your shots look so beautiful, you might be a little disappointed when you finally check them out on your PC. 

The only feature on the Rhyme that I would like to have is the physical keyboard that I have with the G2.  But when I think about what’s most important to me on my phone, a good camera trumps the keyboard — but just barely.  

I really want both.  

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