hp-printerIt’s inevitable that when I travel without my kids, one of them will get a cold, have an issue with a friend at school or need some vital document immediately.  The latest situation was with my daughter.  I was on a cruise ship which created a triple whammy: my kids would have loved it [*guilt*], wifi is spotty, and faxes are scarce.  After some searching I found a business center where I printed the document she needed but I had to find a way to get it signed and returned to her from the ship.  The clouds parted and one of the crew was able to scan the document and email it to me, which meant that I could then email it to her.  Did I mention she is 14?  She doesn’t HAVE email!  That’s so 2008.  

Thankfully I had received a WIRELESS HP eprinter 3050A J611 to check out and I was able to send the document directly to the printer at home. Whew!


This post was sponsored by HP and this was a true story.