image 3What helps your children relax, settle down or fall asleep? That’s what you call the million dollar question, equally with a million answers that seem to vary in all areas. But that’s also the fun part, discovering what works and what doesn’t. In the meanwhile, you get to experiment with tons of great products.

One of the cutest products that I found while doing a full on search were the Gentle Giraffe, Sleep Sheep and the Dolphin from Cloud B.

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So this is how they work – the cool features:

1. The stuffed animals, and they have a lot more than just the three I received, come with a music box.

image 2
2. The box has four different rhythms, depending on the doll, it can be a slow beating drum, the sound of waves crashing, new agey music, the kind of music you listen to while getting a massage or taking a yoga class.

3. There is a control area on the box – volume and timer.

4. You can remove the music box all together to have just the stuffed toy to cuddle with.

5. You can hang the toy on the crib while rocking your baby to bed or lay it down next to them.

6. You can hand the toy with the music playing to your child while they are playing or even on a long drive.

Image 4
Things to Consider:

1. The music can get a bit monotonous if you’re in the same room.

2. I have read the manuals and tried to figure out how to control the timer, but can’t figure it out. Even though it says the music switches to a different tune on it’s own and you can have a timer to have it turn off.

3. This is better for children from the ages of zero to nine months. Once the child can figure out how to hold the toy, it doesn’t really help with the sleep but becomes more of a carry around toy for a toddler.

My Take On It:

My son is one and a half years old now and he simply gets a blast playing with these toys. And when he’s extra manic we hand him over the giraffe with the lulling music and instantly he calms down and holds it tightly!

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Thanks for sending us these adorable and calming toys! For more fun check out Cloud B’s Facebook page. All of my opinions are always my own.

Marina K. Villatoro is an expat living with her family and traveling in Central America. Check out more Travel accessories that can make your family adventures a lot better.