luggage stuffingI am not the kind of person that goes for the big brands. Whenever I shop for travelwear I prefer clothes designed and created by women. During all of the traveling I have done, I managed to discover my style. It includes casual dresses, fun skirts and cargo-like pants. Wearing formal clothes is definitely not my thing, so I keep my eyes open for pieces that I can double up for a formal event.

I always look for clothes that are practical and comfortable for traveling, but they also have to have that something that makes me feel sexy. That is why I felt like I had hit the jackpot when I found Friends of the Reef Clothing Line. Maryse’s clothing line has tons of things to choose from when it comes to travel and beach wear.

Of course I ended up getting what I love, but there are also skirts, shorts, dresses and pants that you can check out too.

Here is what I ended up getting:
friends_of_the_reef_1Black Dress Pencil Cut – This is definitely one of those clothing pieces that make you feel sexy! It’s been years since I have found and worn something like this. It also looks great with a light jacket. It comes with a slit, to me it was a bit too much, but that can be easily fixed.
Brown A-Line Skirt – I don’t mean to exaggerate, but I have been living in this skirt since I got it! It is comfortable for chilling at home and looks great to go out for lunch with the kids.

Cargo Pants – These come in a little pack, making them a perfect item for traveling, because they take almost no space. I really like them, for some reason I feel like I am back in my beach bumming days in Mexico when I am wearing them.

Microfiber Knee Length Skirt – This is a great option for everyday wear and can be worn with flip flopsfriends_of_the_reef_2 or heels.