Photo credit: Kim Orlando / TravelingMom Founder

Photo credit: Kim Orlando / TravelingMom Founder

I have explored CE week for years as both a consumer and a traveler; this year, I was there as a partner, with Techlicious. I came away with a new appreciation of how technology enables travel.

Techlicious offers a tour of the show, a curated look at technology and electronics to come. I found a mixture of things available now and on the way.

TripIt: The Ur Travel App

The hardest part about using TripIt is taking 5 minutes to set it up.  After that, all travel organizing becomes easier. The basic TripIt app is free, and it keeps track of your itineraries. No more scraps of paper, or needing a different airline or car rental app for each time you travel.

TripIt Pro, for $49/year, automatically sends flight alerts and can view alternate flight options. It also tracks frequent traveler point programs and monitors potential airfare refunds. With either version, just forward confirmation emails to and let TripIt work its magic.

Photo credit: Kim Orlando / TravelingMom Founder

Photo credit: Kim Orlando / TravelingMom Founder

Sounds Good: A Look at Philips

Philips showed off its TV Surround Base, which offers wireless music streaming via Bluetooth. But I was more taken with the large full ear headphones, which provide great quality and noise blocking for the price. I use my Philips ActionFit headphones for travel. They have all the qualities I want: great sound, great fit, noise blocking and cute. And although a lady never sweats, that body ‘glow’ can clog ear buds; the earpieces of the ActionFit headphones can be rinsed under regular water.

Mesmerizing Televison

LG wowed us with their third-generation Ultra HD 4K LED TV line-up. I wonder how many people choose their lodging based on the quality of the TV and electronics? Will we see more LG technology as a lure? Hotels need and want to differentiate themselves, so a super thin TV with incredibly vivid color could be the ticket.

Food Fit For All

And since woman does not live by tech alone, a shout out to BLT Fish, which hosted our lunch.  Fried oysters, key lime pie – I’m sure there was other food, but these dishes spoke to me.

And for the next day, the best granola I have EVER had. Period. Hudson Henry Baking Co. is made by a reformed banker who moved to the country to catch her breath.  And we are better for it.