boutique-1I talk tirelessly to my family about relocating to Africa. I can’t get enough of this continent’s diverse cultures, its spectacular wildlife, its ancient rituals, colorful traditions and rites. Practically everything about Africa sets my heart pounding.

The country that probably captivates me most is Kenya. I first visited there 20 years ago and I took my son George as soon as he turned five. I’ve barely stopped writing, revisiting and generally daydreaming about the place ever since.

Now I’m overjoyed to hear that my friends at the stunning Naibor Camp ( in the heart of the Maasai Mara have launched a gorgeous new range of ‘fair-trade’ jewelry. Naibor stays true to its roots by showcasing beautiful and unique tribal pieces. Created by two local Maasai women, each piece is handcrafted using techniques passed down from generation to generation. The art of making jewelry from beads is a long-standing Maasai tradition. The creators of this range are no exception.  They both began by helping their mothers after school when they were just eight years old.  In training young girls start with simple pieces such as bracelets and graduate to complex pieces, such as the marriage necklace, which require a much higher level of skill, taking several days to create.

boutique-5Both women rely on this skill in order to bring in vital additional money to school, feed and provide medical care for their children.  They also sell their jewelry at local markets and to their immediate community. Noonkianyu lives across the border in Tanzania and it is commonplace for her to walk up to six hours to reach the craft markets where she sells her crafts. I’m all about putting money back into the pockets of the people that need it most, so if you have an upcoming birthday, friend’s birthday, anniversary etc.. consider skipping Macy’s: this jewelry represents a win-win opportunity for you, the recipient and for Noonkianyu’s young family.

The Naibor Camp boutique is also showcasing up and coming jewelry designer Rosie Sharp who has created a collection inspired from a life spent in the African bush and travelling the world. Each piece is individually created by hand and uses natural and local products wherever possible. Rosie has infused her experiences of her time spent at Naibor into her range to match the ethos of the camp and its surroundings. The results are beautifully intricate. 

To see the full range of items available at the Naibor Boutique, including the new Rosie Sharp Collection, visit