kristigtoteAny new parent will tell you there’s a ton of stuff they have to take with them when they’re on the go with a baby. Of course a stroller is necessary, but what else should you grab on your way out the door?

As a baby planner for Bottles to Britches I suggest a few items that will really simplify life on the run. Here’s a preview of the items that can make life of the run less stressful.

It’s important to have a fun, fashionable, functional diaper bag. But Kristi G bags are even better. Each bag has a built-in baby wipe dispensing system called the EZ-Wipe System for one-handed wipe access, making diaper changes, sticky fingers and messy mouths even easier to handle. You can even by refills for the EZ-wipe pocket. $109

kristiggoandgrowGO & GROW CHAIR
If you’re going to be headed to Grandma’s house or up to the soccer field, the Go & Grow Chair can be incredibly helpful. It’s a multi-purpose chair designed for kids on the go and built for years of enjoyment. A baby, able to hold his head up, can use the chair with the 3-point harness and it also fits big kids (up to 75 lbs). The chair has a shaded top when you need it and a tray that slips on or off so that it can double as a high chair for feeding. It stores in a lightweight shoulder bag for easy portability. $70

You’ve seen the stickers for company cars asking “How’s my driving?”. Well, there’s a version for your stroller, too, for times when your baby is the one on the run while you work, called How’s My Nanny. If someone sees your nanny being bad to your child, or being great, they can easily report the behavior online. All you have to do is buy the mini-license plate, hang it on your stroller, then register online. Then rest easy that your child will be in good hands. Registered parents receive a confidential email instantaneously alerting them to the report. The service is $50/yr.

sproutshellSPROUT SHELL
You know how some people have special blankets to cover them when they nurse, or a special seat for their shopping cart to keep their child from getting the germs on the handle, or a cover for their infant seat to keep the child from being sunburned or exposed to the wind? Well, the Sprout Shell can be all those things combined. It folds up small so you can throw it in your diaper bag and have it ready for whatever needs you have. $40

My daughter pretty much lived in a carrier for the first year of her life. Having my hands to do all the things I needed was important, but having her close was critical. The Baby Hawk carriers are a great option for parents on the go. Style-conscious parents can design their own carriers. The Mei Tai’s (Asian Baby Carriers) are adopted from a Chinese-inspired idea and allow the baby to be held from the front, back or hip.