Use Your GPS on Your SmartPhone, Instead.Do you have a portable GPS system that you switch from one car to the other?  You know, not the integrated navigation system, but something that cost you roughly $150.  Do you love it?  Can’t live without it?  Here’s my advice:  Sell it on eBay.  NOW!  (While it’s still worth something.)

Here’s the thing: your smartphone can get Google Maps (well, not the iPhone) or some other GPS navigation system for a fraction of the price — or FREE.  Google can even show you real time traffic.  Can even talk in your ear (if you’re driving solo).  It’s super easy to use.  Go.  Do it.  Before everyone else does and you’re stuck with another out of date gadget.  Just like the Kindle (more on that later).

Have fun on your road trip!  Get lost!