Tieast Farr, TravelingFlyingMom and a flight attendant, knows that the true traveling mom wants: an airport-security friendly briefcase. These new-fangled briefcases have a separate compartment for a laptop that zips open to lay flat on the scanner so you can get through airport security without pulling out the laptop “and dropping all my papers, change, makeup and ahhh let’s just say…personals all over the airport floor.”

She also covets the “150 Country Travel Adapter” from Hammacher Schlemmer. This device for plugging in her electronics would replace the little baggie full of adapters she carries now and ensure that she never again finds herself in Europe armed only with adapters that work in Asia.

TMOM Founder Kim Orlando, TravelingMom, got a bike last year for Mother’s Day. But more importantly, it came with the right to two hours to ride it all by herself. She was a little nervous when she started riding the bike-unfriendly streets of Greenwich, Conn. But the end of the two hours, she was boldly riding in the middle of the street, telling the drivers to get out of her way.

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