These come from Kim-Marie Evans, who it seems is appropriately authoring the LuxuryTravelingMom blog.

“My best Mother’s Day gift ever was the kickin’ black Cadillac Escalade ESV my husband gave me last year,” she says. “He gave it to me for a few reasons: 

1.  It has a back-up camera. I have a bad habit of backing into things (I’m short and have no depth perception) and he didn’t want me to back into a child. 


2.  It has two DVD screens. Four kids with one screen means a lot of yelling. 

3.  It has a navigation system. In addition to being short, I’m also continually lost. 

4.  It’s cool. I feel like a rock star when I drive it. It has big ol’ rims, a sweet grill, and when someone rear-ended me last month, his car was destroyed but my suburban assault vehicle was unscratched.”

So what was her second favorite Mother’s Day gift of all time? “The year they left me alone. “

Her husband thought she might like a cozy family picnic (prepared by Kim-Marie) and was  surprised when she told him “that what I really wanted was for them to get out.  ‘Really, you want us to leave?’ he asked. Silly man, of course I did.”

She spent an entire glorious day on the couch watching old movies, drifting in and out of sleep.  No laundry, no screaming, no Sponge Bob, just Kim-Marie, Audrey Hepburn and a blanket. 

“It ranks right up there with my all time favorite days,” she says, “wedding, birth of children,  and the day the left me alone.”

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