imageclocheKeep a lid on

Staying stylish this winter when you travel is easy with the Scala Pronto cloche hat. This soft, packable hat, made of boiled wool, can help you make the transition from cold to hot weather, and vice versa. In black, (so you can look good on a family vacation in New York) plum and other muted colors; one size fits all.

Get fit and stay warm


Tights let you wear dresses and skirts in winter, but they can also tone your legs. ShaToBu GET FIT tights, in both footless and footed versions, incorporate the SHApe TOne and BUrn technology of resistance bands so you burn more calories as you go about your day. The tights also eliminate panty lines, and the high waisted version helps flatten your tummy.

Double Duty

You can also keep your hands warm while entertaining your kids with predator vs. prey animal mittens. These handmade wool mitten pairs include wolf vs sheep, lion vs gazelle and owl vs mouse, in adult sizes. The hand warmers double as puppets, so if you are stuck in holiday traffic (and you are not the one driving) you can put on a puppet show. The kids’ sizes include frog vs fly and bird vs bee; if your child starts putting on his own shows, you might use this as an intro to the birds and the bees.

Get a grip

If you find your shiny new iPhone 4S slipping out of your hands, RIBBZ Protective Cases are for you. These rubbery cases have little nubs so the phone stays in your hand – but if you do drop it, the case protects it. The bright colors also make it easy to find.