ClubPepnginholiday-homepage-MTis the season to be jolly, so while traveling with your family this holiday season, entertain your kids online at Disney’s* — and grab a few moments of Mom sanity. (And yes, there’s an Club Penguin app too!) Penguins put on your Santa hats and join the virtual Holiday party at Disney’s Club Penguin. Since it’s a Disney experience, you can feel confident that your ages 6-14 kids’ online experience is safe — and fun! 

Now through December 25, the #1 Virtual World for kids, Disney’s Club Penguin hosts a Yuletide Party with opportunities to earn daily gifts while safely entertaining your kids, ages 6-14.

With the anticipation of Santa sliding down the chimney, kids get a bit antsy this time of year with the excitement of the season, traveling to visit family, or giving up their bedrooms for Grandma.

Download the Club Penguin app or give them online access to keep them entertained during the 2011 Club Penguin Holiday Party.


Club Penguin happens all year-round, but this is a special celebration of the holidays — and perhaps a good time to introduce your child to this online Disney experience.

Highlights of the online HOLIDAY experience* include:

  • Club Penguin Becomes Winter Wonderland:
    • The island will be fully transformed into a holiday oasis of yuletide cheer.  The sky dims to early morning, snow falls on mountaintops, and Santa’s sleigh flies across the sky.
  • Countdown Calendar and Gifts Daily:
    • There will be a large advent-style calendar counting down to the holiday beginning December 14.   More lights turn on as the days go by and users can click on the doors to receive a gift each day.  
  • Make Holiday Cookies at The Bakery
    • Users on the “members” side of the bakery will be able to create cookies, wear an apron, and do a special dance to serve cookies to customers on the non-member side of the room. 
  • Santa Sled Room:  
    • Players can compete in the “Sled Challenge” three times to claim three different Holiday Ornament outfits.

Disney’s Club Penguin also allows kids to share the real meaning of the Holidays: giving. Kids can contribute to a good cause through Coins for Change. Locations throughout the world offer players an opportunity to donate their virtual coins as part of the Coins for Change event, which kicks off December 15 and runs through December 27.  Coins for Change empowers Club Penguin users to donate virtual coins they earn playing games online to real world causes that matter to them.  This year, kids will be challenged to fill the island lighthouse with donated coins, and if this goal is reached, Club Penguin has committed to doubling its overall cash donation to $2 million.

*(NOTE: While free memberships at Disney’s are available, paid monthly memberships allow players to access a range of additional features.)