FlipOutSandalsThe FAA restricts carry on luggage to be no larger than a 45 in total inches (length + depth + width.) Individual airlines have their own regulations based on their aircrafts. Short trips and the lack of having to pay for checked luggage, encourages many to bring an appropriate sized luggage that can easily be stowed.

This works, only if you are able to pack everything you need in one small luggage piece. Many suggestions have been made on what to and not to pack on trips, especially dependent on the destination. Versatility is best. You want bottoms that can match with different tops. You want items that won’t require much ironing. You want shoes that are comfortable, and ones that will work with different outfits.

A pair of sandals that converts into a different style by easily switching out the accessory will prevent you from wearing the same style shoe through out the trip and packing just one pair of shoes! Clever, versatile and stylish! Something smart traveling moms need!



The proprietary accessory screw of the Flip Out Sandal allows the wearer to change the style at a moments notice. Rather than packing shoes to match each outfit, or just one shoe that may bore you after a day or two, a shoe like the Flip Out Sandal makes a great inclusion to your tropical or any sandal wearing vacation.Flipout-pink-logo

Flip Out Sandals are available in standard women’s shoe sizes in Brazilian flip flops and jellies styles. The Brazilian’s retail for $24.99 and are available in 6 distinct colors. The jellies are made in 3 different colors and retail for $59.99. A kid’s line recently came out too!

There are currently nearly 30 different shoe jewelry accessories. Prices range from $9.99 – 24.99.

Sometimes we need something with the bling, sometimes we don’t. These Flip Out Sandals let you make that choice without packing dozens of different shoes! Just think of the suitcase space you’ll gain on your next warm weather trip? Plus, you’ll be super stylish!

These trendy, practical sandals are available at select boutiques and online at FlipOutSandals.com.

Caroline Murphy is a Miami-based mom of two. She shares her been there, done that experiences of South Florida travel, home life, food, and Cuban culture.

Disclosure: A pair of the sandals and a variety of shoe accessories were provided. No compensation or expectation to review was received. All opinions, as always, are my own.