photo7Traveling with a newborn can be great fun but it pays to look at nutrition–especially snacks–when you travel. Luckily, there are many options out there that can make travel enjoyable, especially if you have a fussy eater. Here are some good snacks and teas to pack.

Weleda Nursing Tea:This tea is a bit funky to taste (blame it on the fenugreek leaves, which have been proven to help with healthy lactation) but it is a wonderful supplement to daily meals. Your newborn will thank you, and moreover will not put up too much of a fuss on trips. Aim for 3-4 cups a day. At $11 for 20 tea bags, it’s more a necessity than a luxury.

Yogi Tea: Packed with the fennel, fenugreek and anise, this tea is particularly refreshing when drunk ice cold. It also has fragrant lavender and chamomile to promote relaxation, which can be very helpful on long trips. Plus, it’s sweet with an apple-like fragrance and also helps with minor tummy upsets. Tip: prepare this tea before you travel, over a few ice cubes, and pack it in an insulated mug llike Kleen Kanteen so it stays nice and fresh on your trip. $4.99 for 16 bags.

DivineMama Bars: These bars were designed specifically for moms who need lactogenic ingredients and they’re absolutely delicious. 100%  natural with organic ingredients, the bars have no artificial sweeteners or processed starches, and no gimmicks. The ingredients include apricots, oats, cashews, macademia nuts, almonds, dates, flax seeds and sesame seeds. There are two flavors: Macnut Chocolate Chip and Datey Apricot Cashew. The Macnut Chocolate Chip bar is a perfect after dinner snack, and will also help you feel full and satisfy your need for a chocolate fix, in a healthy way. The soft and chewy Datey Apricot Cashew is warm and comforting on a fall day. You won’t have to worry about buying ingredients specifically to increase milk production, yet snack healthy at the same time. Win, win! $2.99 each.


KIND Bars: These bars come in a variety of flavors and from Almond & Coconut to the Almond Walnut Macademia and retail for $1.49 a piece. Some have essential nutrients like Omega 3 fatty acids and most have ingredients that are rich in antioxidants. Moms would do well to try the bars with dates, since dates are thought to be lactogenic foods.

Fresh Veggies and fruits: Easily transportable snacks include carrots and raw broccoli. Also remember to pack plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables (or dried fruit like apples, figs, apricots) so that you snack healthy. Alkali producing foods like carrots and almonds are also better for moms since they’re good nutritional value while promoting healthy lactation. It’s very easy to pack these in a ziploc bag and transport them on your travels.