handprintWhether you’re traveling across the country – or around the world, if you are traveling with kids, you’re gonna need to keep them occupied, preferably, without making a mess. It’s EZPaint to the rescue.  EZpaint is the ingenious idea of a NYC single-mompreneur who figured out a way to make painting on the go easy, mess free, and ultra, ultra portable.

The concept is simple, paint in a nail-polish like bottle that absolutely does not spill.  Seriously. I shook it, upside down.  No paint came out.  There are hundreds of colors — though just five to a packet, no clean up, no water needed, non-toxic, no smell, and good for “ages 3 to 103.”  And, since it’s a nail-polish style bottle, the brushes are included.  Also, the super-cute little package includes several index sized card with drawings to paint on on one side, and white space for painting whatever you want on the other.

The only downside: make sure that wherever you’re taking EZPaint, there’s enough time for your little one’s masterpieces to dry. Because there’s NO way they’re going to want to leave them behind.

Note: EZPaint is a true home-grown company, and the mom who runs it has spent all her time making the product great…but not the website.  So if you want to order EZPaint – email info@myezpaint.com, and she’ll get right back to you! Website coming soon!