Evenflo-_Symphony_e3Every once in a great while a product comes along that isn’t merely helpful but is deserving of long odes composed on it’s usefulness and time saving measures. After attending an event of Evenflo’s and seeing their Symphony car seat in action I wanted one. Badly. I was going to run out and buy one, but in an occurence that I contribute to my good karma Evenflo decided to send me one to review. It lived up to every expectation that I had. For me, things have to be above par in 3 categories- safety, price, and ease of use

Evenflo’s Symphony car seat significantly reduces the forces in side impact crashes through advanced energy absorption and an expanded zone of protection. In English, that means that there is a larger area that absorbs energy in case of a side impact and there is a foamy layer of goodness protecting your baby. 

At roughly  $229 (Toys R Us), some moms may immediately experience sticker shock. Keep in mind that this car seat will take your child from the day you leave the hospital all the way up through 100 pounds! You can register for one car seat and not have to purchase another one for your child’s entire car seat career. In the long run, you’re saving money. We spent far more than this on an assortment of travel systems, harness front-facing car seats, and booster seats for the first child. 

Ease of Use-
For car seats I have 2 ease of use criteria;  How hard is it to install? and How hard is it to clean? For the install portion, it honestly couldn’t have been easier. Evenflo has really upped their game on their website lately with some hilarious videos (love this one of “daddy” attempting to install a car seat). If you’ve ever installed a car seat, you may have experienced heart palpitations, sweating, swearing, and even giving yourself a grown-up timeout. Well, the click-click-push battle cry in the Evenflo videos is not a marketing gimick. It is the truth. The seat arrived,  literally, as we were leaving for a family vacation. I was able to install it in the car and adjust the straps to fit my 10 month old in less than 5 minutes. Handy SureLatch Connectors on either side clip to the metal hooks in your cars seat frame and the harness slides up and down with ease when you use the little red tabs. We checked the car seat for free on Jetblue and when we got to Washington DC we had no issues at all installing the car seat in two different cabs. On the cleaning front, the fabric pad comes off and can be washed. And get this- it goes back on without having to rethread the harness, which is awesome! I have a confession to make here: On my daughter’s infant car seat- I used to Febreze it and wipe it with antibacterial cloths to extend it’s time between washes because it was so difficult to remove and wash the cover. It made me feel a little like a mommy failure. Now I can whip the cover off, wash it and put it back on without resorting to sneaking faux-laundry tricks. 

In conclusion, I love the car seat. I may have received it compliments of Evenflo– but if my sister were having a baby this would be the big ticket gift that I would be buying her. It’s that great. 

Nasreen Stump is a freelance writer who lives in Vermont, when she isn’t on the road for work. Check her out on Twitter@ramblingstump!