eBags reassure travel packing anxieties

Too much planning for packing causes me problems.  I start wondering, “Did I include such and such, or just intend to?”

Ever happen to you? Worst part is the mess to be made rifling through my bag at the airport or train station, just to check.

ProductReviewSame mess possible with luggage in the trunk of the car too. Believe I might have found the antidote with see-through cubes and pockets. Mesh to be specific.

eBags are the luggage I tried in the air and on the road. Even loaned three sizes of cubes to my neighbors for their first-ever trip cross country.

All of us can peer right through the mesh for reassurance and recollection. Mine are aubergine color because I’m an eggplant lover, but I can see how helpful different colors would be for each family member.

Three packing cubes mold easily into the bigger eBag called a weekender convertible.  No wheels so that could be an issue, but hideaway straps let me lug it as a backpack.

Could be too heavy for long airport terminal walking for many people.

Just the right exterior pocket for my laptop, since TSA security checks demand easy access. Separate zippered space for empty water bottle to refill on the other side of security.

Zippers need checking too, mostly because so many snag fabrics. eBag zippers have a generous cording along both edges and the toggle pulls are looped cords too for easy grasping.

I don’t foresee any garment tears or damage using these cases, and I do forecast prosperity. The cycle of goodness is the reason.


three packing cubes

“One prospers when one renders benefit to others,” so says the YKK zipper company in Japan that built these.

Rather lofty but must be so because I really liked the multitude of zippered and meshed spaces in my aqua blue weekender, shared with me by the company for research, so I bought another for my husband.

His is a sedate black but the interior’s spiffy pumpkin. I believe I can even figure out which colors the people who work there prefer. Seems to be a friendly company.

The whole list of eBag staffers is on the web site, easy click to their photos, brief bio and declaration of favorite childhood trip and city to visit.

Guess they’re all travelers too. I recommend taking a look at all their range of luggage styles, including wheelies, and for sure I’d use the mesh cubes inside.

eBags provided Blended Family Traveling Mom Christine Tibbetts with three packing cubes of various sizes and a weekender convertible for the purpose of reviewing as travel products. Next review will be the eBags Crew Cooler Jr.