doybagsIf trading in your SUV for a Prius feels like a bit too much of a sacrifice to save the planet, pick up a cute and colorful Doy Bag ($4.90-26.90, and feel great about what it stands for.

These adorable, fruit-themed wallets and bags are made from recycled juice packs with non-biodegradable packaging that would otherwise go into landfills sites. They’re spectacular conversation pieces, too. Without exaggeration, no less than 50 percent of the times that I’ve whipped out my strawberry juice pack wallet have I received comments – raves, really – from whomever happens to be standing near me. And my spirited orange beach bag has an amazing waterproof lining that can handle my kids’ swim goggles and towels right out of the pool. Even more reason to make the purchase: Each bag is made in the Philippines by a women’s cooperative of 100 local women from mostly disadvantaged backgrounds. Their goal: to create “livelihood opportunities from garbage.” You go, girls!