waterbottles1A fun part of any vacation is the preparation stage. I love searching online for tips that make my vacation easy and more magical. Traveling mom is a great place to look for vacation tips. As I was researching for our upcoming Disney cruise, I found a lot of people were checking cases of bottled water with their luggage. It is good to have the bottled water for their excursions and getting bottled water onboard a cruise can be pricey.

I started thinking why not just bring a water bottle with you and you can refill it. The water on Disney ships is filtered and tastes wonderful, so why not take advantage of it? Since I cannot do anything for our vacation without adding a little magic, I embellished our water bottles. I used the Disney font and a crown for girls and mickey head for boys. They came out very cute.

As part of my research, I joined a group for our particular cruise sailing. I highly recommend doing this for your vacation. I have met some wonderful people and when my children get onboard they will have some friends. There is also a lot of insider information passed along in the group. A bunch of us decided to bring little gifts for each other. We are going to pass them out throughout the cruise. This will be a fun way to explore the ship and it will get my girls in the giving mood. Any chance I have to encourage helping and giving in my children, I jump at. These are valuable life lessons. I’m sure it will also make their day to come back to our cabin and find a trinket waiting for them. Those little things are what make your vacation memorable.

I decided for our gift to bring personalized water bottles for everyone. In retrospect, I should have picked a smaller gift. I have one full sized suitcase filled with water bottles. Still, I think it will be a fun and useful gift.



We can also use these water bottles while onboard. We can fill them up at the drink station and take them to the pools with us. If you are cruising soon, consider bringing water bottles along for your family.

We are in the final stages of preparation for our cruise and will set sail very soon. Stay tuned to Traveling Mom for more preparation tips and to get a full detailed report when we get back.

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