starlightEXPmdIt’s amazing how having the right camping gear can either make or break your trip, no matter what your age.  Growing up, my family never had the right gear and we slept year-round in sleeping bags that were meant for sleepaway camp, not Pacific Northwest weather.  I still remember freezing all night long wearing sweatshirts and jackets to sleep so I didn’t shiver while I slept. 

It has been a mission of mine to make sure that my children always do have the correct gear and learn to appreciate the great outdoors long before I grew to.  

Thank goodness Deuter USA, the brand that makes all the outdoor gear my husband covets, also makes serious gear for youngsters.  This gear can help give your children an appreciation of nature long before they are able to walk and keep them begging to get outdoors well into their teens.  With cleverly designed gear that can last for years and even through several children, the Deuter brand is perfect for outfitting your entire family.   

Every parent knows what it’s like to look at your child and think “did you grow overnight?” as you try desperately to find something that fits them.  The folks at Deuter know this all too well, which is why they designed a sleeping bag that “grows” with your child.  By including a zippered section at the bottom of the Starlight EXP sleeping bag, you can literally stretch the youth sleeping bag by a whole 12” whenever you would like.  Since I love a product that can last for years, I was incredibly excited to hear that I can use the same sleeping bag for my little one all the way from pre-K until they are tall enough for an adult bag.

The really cool thing about the Starlight EXP is that it is very much unlike other child sleeping bags we have previously tried that seemed only slightly smaller than the adult’s version and were much too big for youngsters.  When the Starlight EXP extension is zippered, it is much easier to maneuver and place the 63” x 27” footprint in a family tent, and ensures that even your littlest campers will stay comfortable and cozy in a sleeping bag that is sized right for them.  But, even better is that since the zippered extension also serves to add extra insulation at the foot of the bag, even young kids will feel cocooned and swaddled as they sleep.  My daughter, for one, loves this sleeping bag and has spent quite a bit of time bundled up in the Deuter sleeping bag, even though there hasn’t been much sleeping going on. 

deuter2 This child sized bag may be pint sized, but it is certainly not light on features.  Weighing in at only 2 pounds, it is easy enough for little ones to carry on their own in the included stuff sack but still will keep them toasty warm no matter where your travels take you.  With a soft interior that is cozy and warm as well as a good fluffy fill that adds extra padding and cushioning for when you’re really roughing it, your kids are sure to appreciate the added comfort and protection from the elements. 

Although the temperature ranges are not available for child sizes, the Deuter Starlight EXP is certainly not just for household use.  While you could absolutely use it for sleepovers and camp, this sleeping bag is designed to be used by your most daring explorer as well.  With grown up features like a cinch hood and baffled zippers with anti-catch fabric, you will love how the Starlight EXP holds the heat in as well as making sure that your little one can always easily open and close the zipper.   

But, even if you don’t have a mountain climb in your near future, a sleeping bag like the Starlight EXP that grows with your child and offers serious comfort just makes sense.  Knowing that your kids have the right gear makes you more likely to get out as a family and create all sorts of great memories.  Whether it’s hiking together, climbing, or traveling as a family, the Starlight EXP will make sure that your whole family can truly enjoy the experience. 

Features of the Deuter Starlight EXP:

  • Expandable Foot Section
  • Functional Contoured Hood Anti-catch Zipper Strip
  • 2-way Zip
  • Zipped Inner Pocket
  • Body Size: up to 4”3″ to 5”6″
  • Pack Size: 6 x 15 inches
  • *EN Norm 13537 Temperature Ranges are not Available for Child Sizes
  • Not intended for children under 3
  • Weighs 2 lbs. 0 oz.
  • Dimensions: 63 ~ 75 x 27 x 18
  • Style: 37057
  • MSRP: $79
  • Materials: Shell: 210T-Soft-Nylon Taffeta
  • Lining: Deuter Soft Micro
  • Fill: High Loft Hollowfibre