Travel light and get added sun protection by tossing a super-soft fitness pullover by Coolibar into your travel. The company’s feather-light Suntect fabric blocks 98% of UVA/UVB rays, boasts a UPF of 50+ and is the only product line to get the stamp of approval from the Skin Cancer Foundation. 

Even without this amazing skin protection, it’s a pullover you’ll love to have at your fingertips. Not only is it as light as a feather and takes up almost zero space in your bag, but you’ll love to pull it out when the air gets a hint of chill. Why? The fabric is luxuriously soft – almost as comfy-cozy as those newest stuffed animals that feel as plush as a cloud. It wrinkles pretty easily, so it may not come in handy on those occasions where you want to look impeccably pulled together, but sporty and casual, it’s a great addition to any on-the-go bag. ($49.95,