PLAYSPORT_FL_BFNote to others: Mother’s Day is coming up and this traveling mom has something really cool in mind this year. Any mom will tell you one of her favorite gifts is always photos of her children.  Videos of those children can be even better, capturing them at sweet moments in time, freezing them at their various ages, saving those memories for years to come.

I’m a big fan of high definition video cameras these days–the easy to use versions that cost a little more than a hundred dollars and are super easy to download to my computer.  So when I heard about the new Kodak PlaySport I just couldn’t wait to give it a try.  And here’s the cool part about this camera–it’s waterproof!  That’s handy in case you’re accident prone (I once spilled a bottle of water in my purse all over the non-waterproof version of this camera!), but really fabulous if you’re a water baby like me.  My family loves the water–whether we’re in our backyard pool,  at Lake Allatoona, just miles from our house, or down in Florida on the coast, hours away.  And I love the idea of getting video of my children playing in the water, which this cool new camera now allows us to do.  It’s not great on shooting far away, but it is very high quality video above and below water, as you’ll see in this video.


Check it out and then go buy one for yourself (or put it on the list of wants for Mother’s Day!).  You can find out more about the camera by clicking here.  They come in purple, blue and black models. Fun!