golfshoesfrontJust watching the Masters, and any other tournament for that matter, makes me want to go on a golf trip for the weekend, as if watching the professionals somehow unlocks a talent in me that has never appeared before. 

Odds are I won’t be invited to a tournament any time soon, but I can still look good on the course, despite how bad my abilities are.  I recently found out about a really cool kind of golf shoe that would make anyone look great while they play.  It’s from HerSandbagger and you can order it in all kinds of styles and colors.  They sent a pair to a friend of mine to try recently and she was won over before she even got them out of their adorable carrying box.  But when she got them on her feet it was a done deal.  Sure, they were comfortable—cozy enough for 18 holes easily, but it’s the style that sold her on these shoes.  She couldn’t get over how great they looked, so now she’s considering wearing them even when she’s not playing golf.  If you plan to hit the links anytime soon and want to look good doing it, you may want to hit their web site first.