kindleThe sound of the book spine cracking for the first time is one of my favorite sounds.  The smell of a new book makes me giddy.  I love to wander up and down the aisles of a bookstore and walk out with an armful of new books.  My favorite movie scene is when Beast shows Belle his library full of books in Beauty and the Beast.  I can recite every word from that scene. If you wander through my house, you will see books everywhere.  You can find them on the bookshelf, the end table, the bedside table, by the door just in case I will need one at my son’s soccer practice, and everywhere in between. 

When I travel not only do I bring several glossy guidebooks with me, but also a minimum of three books.  I can finish a book in just a day or two and I want to be prepared!  Although I don’t have as much travel downtown as I did before we had kids, I certainly don’t want to end up with nothing to read.  I know I am not the only person that feels this way.  My pal Deb, West Michigan TravelingMom, shares my same fear and thinks that one of her worst nightmares is being somewhere with nothing to read!

When the e-Readers first came out, I was not impressed.  Oh no…this book snob couldn’t imagine abandoning a stroll through the bookstore for a download in the comfort of my own home.  Getting the book from the store is half the excitement. 

Fast forward many months to Mother’s Day 2011 when my husband decided on a whim to purchase a Kindle for me.  At first, the idea of owning an e-Reader was novel at best but I had a number of books on bookshelf still begging to be read.  The Kindle sat on a shelf until we were getting ready for a trip.  When it was time to pack for our road trip, I pulled the Kindle out of the box, charged it up and downloaded a few books. 

This book-o-holic has a confession to make.

I. Love. My. Kindle. 

No more lugging a separate carry-on just for books. No more trying to decide if I bring the light paperback or the 500-page tome I am still in the middle of.  No more realizing that I left my book at home and have nothing to read.

But, shhh.  Don’t tell anyone about my love for all things Kindle because the crack of the book spine will always be one of my favorite sounds.  If you need me, I will be perusing the bookshelves but I will probably have my Kindle with me in my purse!

Are you in the market for an e-Reader?  See West Michigan Travelingmom’s post about the different e-Readers available.