gdiapersI have always toyed with the idea of using cloth diapers with all three of my girls but have never actually done it until just recently. My reasoning for not doing it before now was because I thought traveling with cloth would be near impossible. Can I just say I wish I had gone with it years ago!Although Hannah is already 2 years old I know she will still get plenty of use out of these nifty gDiapers. They aren’t nearly as difficult as I thought they would be, especially if you tend to do laundry frequently and chances are you do if you are a Mama.

These cloth diapers aren’t like any others I have researched. They have the gcloth inserts or the disposable inserts,the gliners (contains any mess) and the outer shell that is comfy and just oh so cute! A huge plus I have noticed is that the diaper bag has down sized and weighs less since switching over, we are on the run alot so this is awesome for my diaper bag shoulder. The gcloths are about half the size of a washcloth so they fold up pretty small to free up some space in your bag when you are on the go and the bags to store the dirty cloths are more than likely in your bag already. My favorite part to all of this is seeing my little girl smile because she thinks her G’s are big girl panties like her sisters! They are great for us, great for the earth, and great on our budget, maybe that’s why the are called gdiapers?