As fun as traveling with kids can be, it is also a pretty challenging thing to do. In the end it is all about what my boys need. This can be translated into “what I need to keep my boys happy, so I can enjoy the trip”. This all starts with what my baby calls his “limo”, or better known as a stroller.

At first it took him some time to get adjusted to the idea of it, but now it is a travel essential. The bad part is that his stroller is huge; it is an all terrain baby jogger. So going around a city with ProductReviewit is really hard. It is also a bit hard to fold, it takes around ten minutes, and even folded it takes up a lot of space. Because of this I was desperate for a smaller quick fold stroller.

I have also had a bad experience with umbrella strollers, with by oldest boy I went through so many, just because they were so crappy. I needed a stroller that was as comfortable as the large one, but smaller, easy to manage and can fold up in seconds.

After doing a lot of research I was actually surprised to see that there are just a few that fit these characteristics. There are either umbrella strollers or huge strollers.

That was until I found City Mini Single Stroller.

stroller 2

I was expecting a lot out of it! Luckily it was all it claimed to be and so much more. We liked it so much that the other stroller is now kept away and the new one has become the only one we use.

What I Love about our new Quick Fold Stroller

Package – The package it comes in is very thin, which means that it doesn’t take much space.

Assembly – Surprisingly, this was the fun part and really easy to do. After a couple of quick clicks here, some more there and voilá!

Quick Fold Technology – Then it was time to fold it! This was really easy, all you need to do is to grab the inside strap, pull up and it’s done!

Durability – The instructions say that it can carry up to 50 pounds, but with my 9 year old regressing to babyhood we had the chance to test that. And it was able to hold the max weight and more!

Brakes – The brakes work really good, a quick stomp with your foot is enough to keep it in its place.

Compartments – There is a huge storage area at the bottom. It can easily fit anything you might need for your baby and the rest of the family. There is also a pocket on the back seat where you can put your essentials, like cash or keys.

stroller 3

Sun Protection – Guatemala is an extremely sunny place. It is a place where you have to go out with sunscreen on and sun canopy. That is why it was such a great thing to see that this stroller has a large one that keeps my boy completely covered.

Reclining seat – It has a nob that is really easy to maneuver. You can have your kid almost lying down or s sitting up.

And if you want them to sleep you can place the weather proof cover, that it comes with, over it.

The Ride – This is truly a smooth ride. It feels almost like you are floating and the front wheel rotates to go with the terrain.

Where to Buy It:

They sell their products in many locations over the world. I think that the Baby Jogger site was my best bet. I was able to ask tons of questions and to truly get informed about what I was buying. The paying method was also secure and quick.

This Stroller was provided for free. But the opinions are solely mine.