Cheeky collection at Target supports hunger relief efforts. Photo courtesy of Cheeky.

Cheeky collection at Target supports hunger relief efforts. Photo courtesy of Cheeky.

When I was growing up, my mother definitely used the “nicer” tableware for special holidays but that didn’t mean she didn’t treat each meal as a celebration of good food and company. While I’m not usually a fan of paper plates and products, I am really diggin’ this new line hitting the shelves at Target called Cheeky because it makes meal time fun with its aesthetically appealing tableware and it supports a cause: hunger relief.

The Cheeky collection, consisting of on-trend paper and plastic tableware including plates, bowls, napkins, cups and cutlery, is part of a partnership with Feeding America, a national hunger-relief organization.

According to a recent USDA report, one in six Americans face hunger. With the cost of food on the rise and underemployment continuing to be a problem, more than 46 million people are receiving food assistance from the Feeding America network. What may surprise most people is that 90 percent of recipients are not homeless – they could easily be and probably are your neighbors or your children’s classmates. Cheeky aims to provide 10 million meals to Americans facing hunger by the end of 2015 and this collection is part of their ambitious effort.


The Plan to Fight Hunger

How does Cheeky plan to fight hunger and provide 10 million meals in 2015? For every Cheeky item purchased at Target, Cheeky will donate the monetary equivalent of a meal to Feeding America. The Feeding America network of food banks then provides food to adults, children and seniors across the country.

Cheeky motivates shoppers of all ages to get excited about enjoying a meal, while providing that same experience for someone in need. Because satiating the palette is great, but feeding the soul is even more satisfying.

To make the products accessible to the greatest number of people, every product in the Cheeky line is priced competitively at $3.99. By making it available at a mass retailer like Target® stores nationwide, the collection can reach even more people interested in helping to make a difference.

The Importance of Meals at Home with Family

Another reason I like this collection is because it’s so design driven and I’m a firm believer that we respond positively to things when we’re surrounded by beautiful items, even if they’re utilitarian. Last month I wrote about a new book, Green Kitchen Stories, which features beautifully photographed recipes by a family that has traveled together around the world.

Earlier I mentioned my mother celebrating each meal and I recently videotaped her making Greek yogurt so I can try to make it for my own kids.

We live in a busy world yet any time I can get my family together to enjoy a meal is one I treasure, whether it’s at home or at a restaurant while traveling. It’s an opportunity for us not only to enjoy great food, but also to be in each other’s company and learn more about what’s going on in our lives. The Cheeky collection at Target won’t end hunger but if sales help it achieve its goal of providing 10 million meals to American facing hunger, that’s a pretty remarkable achievement.