CE week

The Withings Activité watch and fitness tracker

CE Week, an orgy of consumer electronics, can overwhelm even the most focused reporter. So I was thrilled when Josh Kirschner and Susan Kantra, the founders of Techlicious offered curated tour of CE Week, leading a group of bloggers through the Metropolitan Pavilion to find the best in show.

You Can Never Be Too Thin

There’s an old saying, you can never be too rich, or too thin. The Thinium Charge epitomizes the latter, with skinny portable chargers for iPhones and other smartphones. You can slip the Thinium Charge into your pocket or handbag and always stay current – charge your phone form a wall outlet, USB port or computer. The charger folds up into a credit card size and the connectors snap out – simple and sexy. Pre order now.


Safe Storage

CE week

The Thinium Charge

Lima  is the perfect little device for travel, whether for business or pleasure. With Lima, you connect your laptop, smartphone, and tablet (at home), and can access files remotely. So if you go on vacation and need to get a file on your home computer, you are good to go.  The device also lets you access photos you take with your smartphone (do you carry a separate camera?) from your computer, without transferring or uploading. Lima is taking pre-orders now.

Time Your Activities

If you wear any activity tracker, it can cramp your style; a plastic band is not the most elegant wrist accessory. Withings Activité  combines the good looks of a quality watch with a fitness tracker. The Swiss engineered watch, with a leather band and interchangeable waterproof plastic strap (for swimming) has a stainless steel case with sapphire glass. The watch face is analog, but a digital system detects movement, tracking your walking, running, swimming and sleep patterns.

Withings uses Bluetooth to connect to the Health Mate app.  Look for it in August.