So I was hanging out at a local resort/swim club this weekend with my family. OK yes, I’m not technically a member but I have very nice friends who are and allow us to tag along on hot days. . . thanks S&D! But I digress. . . So I was hanging out at the club and I spotted the most adorable carseat covers for a set of twin girls.

They were hot pink canopies and what looked like a dark black? interior. I wondered to myself if they were Itzy Ritzy carseat covers since I they looked super cute and the Itzy ones are. But I thought they didn’t make a fushia/black combination. So I leaned a little closer and saw they weren’t black but leopard skin print (so cute!). Hmm. . . I thought. Just like the ones Jerry O’Connell and Rebecca Romijn have for their twins, how cute!

They a slow idea formed through my thick skull and I actually looked at the Dad with the twins instead of the carseat covers and yes, it was Jerry O’Connell! Well I’m an enthusiastic celebrity watcher/stalker like the best of them so I grabbed by baby girl and jumped over to the baby pool where Jerry O’Connell had both his twin daughters on his lap and was introducing them to the pool. I asked if he needed any help with the two of them (I’m such a good samaritan. . .) but he had it covered. He really handled both those girls alone beautifully. I’m not sure I would do such an artful job with 2 six-month olds myself!

Just a good reminder that if you’re looking for celebrity style without the typical pricetag – check out the Itzy Ritzy carseat covers. You can personalize them with your child’s name (Just like the O’Connell twins have) and they really are just so adorable! (Both the carseat covers and the twins.)


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