airport_luggage_walkingFinding the right carry-on bag as a gift for the uber business traveler seems like it should be a simple task. Just click open the internet, select a black laptop carry-on with wheels, order it and wrap it with a bow. Easy right? Not so fast.

In my search for the perfect rolling carry-on luggage for my husband— the answer is NO. Not that easy at all. A picture on the internet doesn’t tell you whether it’s a good fit for your specific needs. Is the handle tall enough? Does it roll well? Does it REALLY fit in the overhead bin? Once my laptop is in it will there be room for anything else?

My husband was ‘Up In The Air’ last year enough to rival George Clooney for air miles earned. And believe me he has air travel down to a science. He always insists on an aisle seat. He prints his boarding pass the night before. He books his own flight itineraries, leaving it to secretaries or travel agents often has left him with too long or too short layovers. He even has memorized which air terminals have free wifi!

Also, he’s a type 1 diabetic on an insulin pump. He pays close attention to details while traveling. He can’t afford not to.

You would think he has all the best travel gear as well. But he doesn’t. And this year for his birthday what he really wants is an all in one carry-on bag that does it all. Too much to ask? I don’t think so. I am on a quest to find the best carry-on luggage!

It must:

  • Have Safe Storage for his 15 Inch Laptop
  • Fit Under the Seat on Most Planes (He needs to get in his bag during flight for laptop, medical supplies etc.)
  • Hold at least 2 days clothing
  • Cost somewhat under $300 (I’m not spending a fortune on it, but I’m willing to pay for a decent bag knowing he will use it on every trip he takes, from the overnighter to the 2 week marathon business trip)

A majority of his travel times are short and he loathes checking in luggage or waiting at the luggage carousel. He wants to get in, get out and get home to his family!

What type of carry-on have you used? What type do you hate?