CallMeCuffs help kids feel more secure“Did you hear about Zach?” my friends asked as we approached them in the ski lift line.

“No, what happened?” I replied cautiously. When you’re skiing, no good ever comes after the phrase, “did you hear about…”

“He got a concussion. He’s fine, but they’re doing a CT scan to be sure.”

ProductReviewUgh. We spent a week skiing with friends and no one had gotten hurt… until this, our last day. Zach was completely fine, but his Mom – who was not on the ski trip with us – was a total wreck for awhile. Zach is my friend Tara’s nephew. He came along on the trip, fell while snowboarding, and ended up wandering around the lodge until someone asked if he was OK. He said he was confused. He couldn’t remember much, but he did know his mom’s phone number. They took him to the ER and, naturally, called his mom. Except that his mom was in New Jersey and we were in Colorado. Aunt Tara got to the ER quickly, but not without Zach’s mom feeling a lot of fear and helplessness. If Aunt Tara had been called first, she could have broken the news to Zach’s mom in a much calmer manner!

callmecuffs2This is why CallMeCuffs are a good idea for kids of all ages. These durable, waterproof ID wristbands can be customized with a phone number, allergy information, or anything you want to print on them. They are inexpensive (a little more than $1 each) and come in a variety of colors, designs, and sizes. You might have a hard time selling a teenager on these, but look what happened to Zach (or Zach’s poor mom), who is 15. Even if they won’t wear the wristband, your teen can stick it in their pocket.

CallMeCuffs are perfect for so many situations – field trips, amusement parks, malls, museums, zoos, playgrounds, and of course, vacations. My daughter loved the zebra pattern and I felt a lot better knowing my cell number was with her when she got ahead of me on the slopes with her friends. When you travel with children, CallMeCuffs are a smart addition to your list of travel essentials.