1Smart PJs

Do you ever feel like you’re bringing the playroom with you by the time you’re done packing your child’s carry-on luggage?  After I get the iPod, earphones, colouring books, crayons, bedtime story books and snacks packed, the bag weighs more than my child!  Ok, not really, but it’s definitely heavier than they’d like to be lugging around, which means either my husband or I am left to carry it in addition to our own luggage more often than not.  I just want to make sure they are entertained and occupied while traveling.

ProductReviewWell, I recently came across a product that solves my packing woes when it comes to bringing reading material for the kids on trips.  Now, you might ask, why not just download books on the iPod or iPad for the kids?  Well, I could, but this is much more fun!  Let me introduce Smart PJ’s.  These pajamas seem to be just covered in dots, but if you look carefully, every dot cluster you see is unique in color and configuration, and work much like a QR code you see on many brand packaging and advertising now days.  What do the dots do?  Download the Smart PJ’s app on your smart device, and your child will be lead into a wonderful reading or animal discovery journey.

The app is fairly easy to use.  There are currently two versions listed in the App Store, Smart PJs and Smart PJs Stories.  The Smart PJs app provides a photograph of an animal and a sentence of what it is, while the Smart PJs Stories app reads illustrated stories to the children.  Simply open the app which uses the camera feature, take a picture, click “use” and you’re instantly taken to either an animal or a story.  Simple as that.  My own kids were excited to put them on at home and use them for bedtime stories.  We took them to my daughter’s class and allowed the children to scan the pajmas for literacy time..they loved them!


When I saw the pajamas, I immediately thought of how easy (and light) it would be to pack the pajamas instead of books, and have instant entertainment for my children while traveling.  Long train rides, overnight flights, car trips or even just going to bed at night in a new environment…Smart PJ’s can take some of the boredom out of long travel itineraries.  In the age of technology, why shouldn’t clothing jump on the bandwagon too?

*Smart PJ’s sent me the pajamas for free, but the review and opinions are solely my own.