5_Disney_PaintHave you ever visited Walt Disney World or Disneyland and wished you could bring that Disney magic home? It turns out you can. Sort of.

A new line of paint made by Glidden and sold through Walmart that uses the colors of Disney movies gave me the chance to brighten up my boys’ bathroom and let us all feel like we have a little Disney magic right in our house.

ProductReviewThe color palettes are Pooh, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Disney Princess characters, Disney Fairies, Disney Pixar’s Cars and Monsters University. Each offers 10 colors pulled from the character’s unique world.

My boys were immediately drawn to the vibrant blues and greens of Monsters University. The colors reminded us of our trip to Walt Disney World, where Mike and Sully were everywhere–in the merchandise and even the topiary–as Disney promoted the new “Monsters University” film, being released by Disney Pixar this summer.


The boys’ bathroom has always proven to be a tough spot to decorate because of that bright blue shower/tub drop-in that we are not ready to replace. The walls were a boring white with a few posters hanging on the walls and knick-knacks here and there.

2_Disney_PaintDisney Paint Colors

The vibrant blues and greens of the Monsters University colors turned out to be a perfect fit for this crazy bathroom with the blue tub. The boys also begged me to try out the specialty finish called “Ready, Set, Glow!” This is a translucent, yellow, ready-to-use paint that creates a “glow-in-the-dark” finish on any surface. Other specialty finishes include “All That Glitters,” a top coat of shimmering glitter; “Great Slate,” a chalkboard paint that can be mixed to form a variety of colors; “Speck-Tacular,” a sparkling confetti top coat; and “Magnificent Metallic,” a metallic finish available in ready-to-use gold or mixed to create 24 unique colors.

I gave in on the “Ready, Set, Glow!” finish and the boys had a blast with this. Unfortunately, my camera could not capture this bit of “magic” adequately.

Easy to Apply Paint

Growing up a child of a builder/contractor who used Glidden Paint in all of the houses he built, I am very happy to see this partnership between Disney Consumer Products, Glidden, and Walmart create such a wonderful product. My husband is very particular when it comes to choosing paint for our home and he found this paint very easy to use.

3_Disney_PaintWe did have to apply a second coat of “Mike’s Mayhem” (WDMU03), the green color, but “Boo Sky” (WDMU01) only required one coat. (You may find that you need to use a primer as a base coat, especially if you are using the brighter/darker pigments, or your walls or surfaces have already been painted a darker color.)

I was disappointed that I couldn’t find many accessories to use in our newly painted “Monsters University” lavatory, either at Walmart or online. There were wall stickers and light switch covers to go with the Princess palette at our local Walmart and it is usually very easy to find accessories in the “Mickey” palette, but there was nothing for Monsters University. I’m hopeful that as Disney Paint grows in popularity, Disney will team up with Walmart and begin offering more accessories to use in home décor, such as shower curtains, bath accessories, rugs, towels, and more.

For the purpose of decorating our bathroom, we used Disney toys we already owned, and I found a new shower curtain at Bed, Bath & Beyond and some towels, including the Monsters Inc. beach towels, at Kmart.

Next up: a “Disney Pixar Cars” themed bedroom.

6_Disney_PaintDetails on Disney Paint

Disney Paint is available at select Walmart stores and sells for $13.47 per quart and $27.97 per gallon. The specialty finishes retail for $10.97 – $19.97 per quart and All That Glitters and Speck-tacular are also available for $29.97 per gallon. Visit DisneyPaint.com, as we did, to experiment with the virtual “Room Painter” tool or browse the gallery for additional ideas and inspiration.

I was provided a Walmart gift card to purchase the paint we used in this Monsters University laboratory experiment. No, I would not have decorated the boys’ bathroom if Disney hadn’t offered the paint. Yes, I’m glad I did.