highchairThe summer is always our time to make multiple road trips to visit family in other states. Our Honda Odyssey is always filled to the gills with strollers, bikes, games, and a cooler full of kosher food. One thing is having a road trip with happy kids. Once at our destination, these items will keep our kids happy and safe while away from home. This is often the case because we are visiting families that have grown children. Sure, we could rent or buy baby products once at our destinitation. You just never know what you will get. We once borrowed a high chair from some friends and I will never do that again. I needed two people to remove the tray and take my child out of it. I couldn’t help but remember that when I saw how user friendly the New Baby Bjorn high chair was last week at a special event.


There are so many things I loved about this high chair and you can watch the video below. The price of $300 will pay you back in stress free time with your baby.

This high chair is space savvy and measures just 10 inches wide when folded! This will totally fit in your trunk and can be stored away nicely when at your destination. You always want to be a good guest and keep baby gear out of the way.

Some other features that I really loved about this high chair is that it is designed with a curved backrest and adjustable, rounded table. This high chair will stay with you as your child grows. You can put them in there as early as 5 months up until 3 years old. This feature ensures that even a very young child who can’t sit up on their own yet sits comfortably and in an upright position. This high chair is also very easy to clean and has a detachable tray. There are no fancy grooves and nooks for food to get stuck in. I also love that the tray comes out, which in a kosher home makes keeping meat and milk separate a piece cake! These trays are also dishwasher-safe! Again, being a good guest with young children is challenging enough. The design of the tray can help minimize mess, the safety table fits snugly against your child’s tummy and helps prevent food from falling into his or her lap.

This high chair is now available at giggle.com