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Getting work done while outside on a beautiful Ft. Lauderdale beach. I know, tough life. Photo Credit: Tara Settembre

Being a blogger and business owner, I’m often unable to disconnect when traveling. In fact, it’s usually required that I be connected. However, it’s not always possible to get online and when WiFi is available, it can be costly.

We had a personal mobile hotspot years ago and I hated that it locked us into a two year contract for a device that wasn’t that great to begin with and had a bad battery life as well. Plus, my travel is often so sporadic that there were months when I didn’t use the device at all and I felt like I was just wasting money for no reason. Argh!

This is why I love AT&T Unite for GoPhone by NETGEAR mobile hotspot. It truly is a travel must-have accessory! Plus, what’s more VIP than having your own private mobile connection at your fingertips, wherever you go?


There are no annual contracts either. You pay a one-time purchase fee to own the device outright and then can buy data when you need it. I simply load $25 at a time for 1.5 GB worth of usage or 30 days expiration, whichever comes first. That’s plenty – I’ve never gone over 1.5 GB each month and I’m often downloading files and streaming content too. With hotels and airports charging $15 a day and sometimes $5 an hour, I found using my own hotspot to be a much cheaper choice. It’s also more reliable and provides for faster surfing since you’re not searching for public Wi-Fi or dealing with slow connections bogged down by dozens of other travelers looking for internet access on trips.

It’s also easy to use and install. I was going to ask for my husband’s help setting it up, but found I didn’t have to. Hmph!

The AT&T GoPhone Mobile WiFi can easily travel with you wherever you go!  Photo Credit: Tara Settembre

The AT&T GoPhone Mobile WiFi can easily travel with you wherever you go!  Photo Credit: Tara Settembre

The device itself also has an intuitive touchscreen with data usage and connection information appearing at a glance.

Yes, some may argue that they can simply use their phone as a hotspot. However, my mobile carrier doesn’t offer this option. Even if it did, there’s always the dreaded possibility that it will eat up your phone’s overall data plan usage. Plus, it’s not as fast.

The AT&T Unite for GoPhone Mobile Hotspot allows you to connect up to 10 devices so the whole family can benefit. My husband will often use it for his own work too. The Military TravelingMom discusses how having a GoPhone Mobile hotspot keeps kids entertained on road trips too.

 GoPhone Mobile WiFi Product Features

  • No Annual Contract – No Credit Check
  • Provide Internet for up to 10 tablets, laptops or other WiFi devices
  • Up to 10 hours battery life
  • Intuitive touchscreen
  • 4G LTE
  • Guest WiFi – lets you create a second WiFi network for one time users

The device is sold at AT&T stores for $99.99. It is also sold through major online retailers like Amazon, Walmart and Best Buy, but the prices vary there.