arcticeaseUsing ice on an injury can help reduce swelling but it’s messy and difficult when traveling or when at work. We were recently introduced to Arctic Ease which are wraps that stay cold without the need for refrigeration. You can also reuse them by just rolling them up and adding some water.

My husband surfs and spends quite a bit of time stand up paddling, which puts extra strain and pressure on your knees, which is the largest joint in the body. He likes to ice his knee afterwords, but always fumbles with a dripping bag of ice. He liked the easy and convenient Arctic Ease pads. They are also odorless and environmentally friendly and easy to pack.

It also conforms to the surface with clips or tape, which is very convenient. It absorbs heat from the targeted area and allows for cooling. My husband said that it stayed nice and cold for a few hours which was perfect for his knee. He now keeps one at work so that he can use it on the spot if he ever feels and pain or swelling and no one will even know he is icing his knee.

I will be packing an Arctic Ease in my suitcase from now on. Check out their wraps and pads here: